The Nimble predictive All Flash array combines the speed of flash with the power of InfoSight Predictive Analytics —radically simplifying operations while delivering 33% to 66% lower TCO than other all-flash arrays. Backed by Nimble Timeless Storage, there is no need to pay for optional software and forklift upgrades are a thing of the past. Nimble flash arrays are cloud ready — providing an easy on-ramp to the cloud through Nimble Cloud Volumes.

Sheer performance with unmatched scalability

Built for speed and scalability, Nimble All Flash arrays deliver the performance and low latency needed to power the flash data center.

33% to 66% lower TCO

All-flash performance at less than the cost of legacy performance disk solutions and one to two-thirds lower TCO than other all-flash arrays.

Absolute resiliency

Non-stop availability delivers 99.9999% measured uptime through InfoSight Predictive Analytics and no single point of failure hardware and software design.

Backup at one-third of the cost

Storing backup copies on all-flash arrays can be cost-prohibitive. That’s why Nimble cost-optimized adaptive flash arrays can be used for backup, DR, test/dev and archival even when primary copies are stored on all flash.


Nimble All Flash array scale-out cluster, managed as a single entity, can nondisruptively scale beyond the limits of other all-flash arrays to over 8 PB with more than 1.2 million IOPS at less than 1 ms response time. Moreover, with scale-to-fit, grow capacity and performance of an array independently and nondisruptively.


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Quick Facts

Sheer performance and scalability
  • Scale up capacity and performance nondisruptively in an array
  • Scale out with up to four arrays managed as one
  • Up to 8 PB+ and 1.2 million IOPS at sub-ms latency
33% to 66% lower TCO2
  • Requires 10X to 30X less memory
  • Cost and performance enhanced for 3D NAND
  • 5X or more data reduction from deduplication and compression
  • Backup, DR, and archival at one third of the cost
Absolute resiliency
  • Non-stop availability measured at 99.9999%
  • Triple+ Parity RAID
  • Integrated data protection
  • Application granular encryption and secure data shredding
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