ShoreTel Unified Communications


A Better Way to communicate

ShoreTel Puzzle no Connect All Color 35K_0In 1996, ShoreTel's founder declared: "There's got to be a better way."  After years of leading teams at high tech companies, he was confounded by the inefficiency of his office phone system and the complexity of replacing it with a new system.  He saw how IP networking could replace traditional TDM voice switching and applied his deep understanding of distributed computing to a new vision: a streamlined alternative to the bloated, complex, resource-heavy IP business phone systems being marketed by legacy PBX and digital networking companies.

The result? A fundamentally different and brilliantly simple approach to system architecture that distributes call control across an array of solid-state phone appliances.

By eliminating the server-intense, operationally complex status quo and starting over, he dramatically streamlined the resources needed to deploy, manage, and scale his new IP phone system. This solution has proven to be extremely popular with companies that value solid phone system performance and substantial bottom-line benefits. ShoreTel has grown into one of the world's leading providers of Brilliantly Simple IP communications solutions